Dr. Imani and Kam are joined by an expert in setting boundaries, Imani’s mom, Paula Madison, and they break down how to say what you need from your friends and family.

This week, Imani and Kam explain why social media is so addictive and how they’ve learned to stop scrolling.

This week, sports journalist Jemele Hill joins Dr. Imani to talk about how they each dealt with their dads’ absence from their lives and how it affected their mental health growing up.

This week, Dr. Imani dives into the psychology that attracts so many people to conspiracy theories, and how to set boundaries with people in your life who are in too deep.

This week, Dr. Imani breaks down the signs of abuse, how to get help, and how realistic domestic violence in pop culture is with anti-violence advocate and therapist Sequoya Hayes from Sista Afya, a community mental wellness organization in Chicago.