Do you know someone who believes that Tupac is still alive or that the government faked the moon landing? This week, Dr. Imani dives into the psychology that attracts so many people to conspiracy theories, and how to set boundaries with people in your life who are in too deep. Plus, Imani takes a look at how Netflix’s Jessica Jones depicts PTSD. (Content warning: contains discussion of emotional and physical abuse.) Keep up with Dr. Imani on Instagram @doctor.imani and on Twitter @doctor_imani.

Caregiver burnout is REAL— especially during a pandemic! How are you supposed to go to work, teach your kids math, make sure your parents are okay, clean your house, and get food on the table without losing it? Dr. Imani breaks down why burnout is a serious mental health issue and shares some tips to cope. Plus, we’re throwing it back to the 90s for this week’s Pop Culture Diagnosis about Saved By The Bell’s very special episode on caffeine pill addiction. (We are so excited!) Keep up with Dr. Imani on Instagram @doctor.imani and on Twitter @doctor_imani.

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