1. What is Imani State of Mind?

Imani State of Mind is a weekly podcast created by psychiatrist Doctor Imani, in partnership with Crooked Media, where I’ll break down mental illness and mental health through pop culture and news while normalizing what getting your mind right really looks like.

2. Who is Doctor Imani?

I’m a physician trained in General Adult Psychiatry. A native of New York, originally from Harlem, I completed my undergraduate degree at Xavier University of Louisiana and earned a Master of Science Degree in Public Health from Tulane University. I went on to obtain my medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed my training at esteemed medical institutions including Temple University and UCLA. After completing a fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry, I opened a private practice in Southern California. Some of you may also be familiar with me as a cast member of Bravo TV’s ‘Married to Medicine: Los Angeles’. With all of this knowledge at my expense, I’m ready to spread the wealth in the name of mental health. 

3. How can I subscribe to the podcast?

You can subscribe to the podcast on any major streaming platform that offers podcasts, including Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

4. How often will the podcast air?

The podcast airs weekly, every Friday.

5. Do you accept listener submissions?

Yes! If you have a question for me or would like to submit a listener letter, you can do so by emailing hello@imanistateofmind.com.

6. Are you available for bookings or touring?

Absolutely! For all booking and touring requests, please send an email to connect@doctor-imani.com.